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Fully-funded faith (Versão EBOOK)

Biblical Principles on fundraising for transformative projetcs
Descrição Geral

Versão EBOOK

Versão em inglês do livro O DEUS DE TODO RECURSO, de Rafael Bandeira

"History shows that churches were the first major fundraisers in the world. What is now recognized internationally as a management competence, began millennia ago, as a way to structure the dissemination of the Word of God and, in some cases, to fight to defend it. With this book, Rafael takes up and organizes the concept, presenting it clearly and objectively to those people who are at the forefront of missionary work and social transformation. It is a great inspiration for everyone who wants to make more impact, inspired by Christian values".

João Paulo Vergueiro - Associação Brasileira de Captadores de Recursos - ABCR.

"Rafael?s work fills a gap in the formation of Christian leaders, missionaries and social entrepreneurs. How many projects succumb due to lack of vision, fundamentals and tools in the area of fundraising? For this reason, this book comes to cure one of the great pains and supply the greatest desire of Christian entrepreneurs: what is needed and how to do so that a dream of transformation is called to existence and grows in the fulfillment of its mission".

Mauricio Cunha - Centro de Assistência e Desenvolvimento Integral - CADI Brasil.

  • ISBN 9786587285139
  • Edição 1ª edição
  • Ano 2020
  • Acabamento EPUB
  • Idioma Inglês

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